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Readability Toolbar Help

Makes reading - EASY! - for people with or without communication difficulties

Your quick guide to the:

  • Readability Toolbar - with 5 Comfort Levels for reading

The Readability Toolbar has 5 levels of comfort – any one, or all of them could be good for you!

What to do - simply 'play' on the Readability toolbar below. Start by letting your intuition guide you to what is best and right for you.

The 5 Comfort Levels

1  The 'Big Button'

Ideal for you to select the size of text to suit you. Whatever your age, eyesight or reading needs you can alter the 'Big Button' size to suit you – and get away from tiny text!* You may also find later you can go back to a smaller size text and have more on the screen with a colour background that is easier on the eye than white.

*Only 3 out of 300 of the worlds top companies in 2005 have a bigger text button – not very good for everyone with eye-sight or other disability issues. Complain to them – it is the law that they make 'reasonable adjustment' for you as a customer, colleague at work or community member - whether they are selling something or not.

2  Font Choice

You can choose from the most popular types of font for people with communication difficulties. Kids (of all ages!) like comic - it is easy on the eye and fun!

3  Design Choice

Are the designers designing their sites for themselves – or you? Here is your chance to choose a design that suits your needs.

  • Standard – is the design given to you by the website designer.
  • Reverse – does what it says and reverses the white type out of a black background to make it ultra bright and clear. Good for those with 'low light vision' and great if you are outdoors too!
  • Slate is ideal for those who get distracted by colourful pictures or logos, for example if you have attention deficit issues – it lets you concentrate on what is important, the message, not the medium!
  • Simple is even better for concentrating on the message, there is no design AT ALL.
  • Soft - Are you one of the 20% of people who NEED a background tint to help them read (Authors note - I didn't know I had it, until I took the test!). Do you find that the typical black type words on a white background move and 'wobble'? Is reading hard? Do you jump back, miss words, and skip lines? Or are you one of the massive 80% of people who, research shows, just prefer a background colour. Then 'Soft' is for you – or - choose your own colour screen you prefer from the rainbow.

4  Screen Colour Choice

If according to Prof David Thomson MCOptom PhD you are one of the millions (20%) of people who do suffer from visual stress or the many more millions (80%) who prefer a background colour - then changing the background screen colour may help you. Authors Note– my own reading went up by a massive 60% when I was with Dr Thomson and found the background colour that suits me. And remember 20% of people get migraines and may take time off school or work because of visual stress. NB You can not use this option to print this colour as it would use up your ink! Refer to your optician to choose the right colour for either paper or acetate overlay to help you.

5  Text Colour Choice

Now you have set your background colour you can also set the tint of the text that suits you best. And you can 'play' too to get real WOW! effects like yellow tint on 'reverse' screen – try it. Great for keeping kids (and adults) interested in dull copy like instruction manuals! Let your intuition guide you as to what is best for you. Colour is an important part of our lives – we were given it for our benefit.

So now you can set your unique 'Comfort Level 5' to benefit you. Enjoy!

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