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Why Well Adjusted?

Message from Sally Thomson, Chair of the Well Adjusted Committee:

" Key e-retailing and advertising associations take up 'Well Adjusted' message. "

Thank you for visiting our website. The Well Adjusted Campaign was launched last May, to encourage organisations and companies to make their communications both inclusive and accessible. We published the Great Communication Guide on 10th October, and were delighted that IMRG, the leading internet e-retailing association, included the Guide in its code of practice for internet retailers in November.

I am further delighted to announce that IMRG is launching the Safe and Sound Toolbar and Campaign, to encourage its members to make internet shopping a great experience for all customers. In addition I can report that more and more organisations like the IPA, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and IAA-UK and International Advertising Association UK are also launching their sight and sound enabled websites encouraging their members to do the same.

With more and more customers buying on-line, and an estimated £45 billion being spent in 2007, the internet shopping experience is as important as that of the high street to businesses and brands. Good service, customer care, ease of access, accessible and inclusive communication, and therefore being able to find what you want quickly, are just as important to on-line customers, as to those who shop in store. This is as important to the retailers as it is to the brands of the products and services on offer. The internet is its own advert, and can be so to all, of every age and ability.

IMRG estimate that the value of the 'TWENTI's' - Twenty % Web Excluded, Not with a Talking Internet - is at least an additional £4 billion in the UK alone.

You will see a "Safe and Sound" branded Talklets powered toolbar both on the IMRG website, and its ISIS Safe and Sound campaign section. You can view Talklets on IPA and IAAUK.

This toolbar, developed with many leading charities and associations, enables customers not only to change the apperance of the web page to suit them, but also to listen to the page, and even save it to MP3, for later listening. It carries the Happy 'U' logo of the Well Adjusted Campaign, as the toolbar meets so many of the recommendations of the Great Communication Guide.

In time, I hope that you will be seeing the Happy 'U' logo on many more websites, and willl come to look for it as a quality mark that means the site you are visiting will give you a great user experiences.

The Happy 'U' Accreditation Scheme.

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